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Performing my song live on S4C for Can i Gymru 2023

Codewalkers - Time That I Told You (Live Recording)

On stage in Spain with Donna Marie Lady Gaga Tribute

Codewalkers - Wicked Game (Acoustic Cover)

Swnami - Gwenwyn (Acoustic Cover)

Brigyn - Gadael Bordeaux (which I recorded some guitars for)

Derw - Mecisco (video for a song i wrote)

BBC Radio Wales session with Clinigol

An arrangement i wrote for Derw of 'Hel Sibrydion' by Lewys

Derw - Silver

Derw @ Sesiwn Fawr 2021

Codewalkers - Rollin (Live Recording)

My arrangement of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

Derw - Ci


A song i wrote for Can i Gymru 2018 (live on S4C)


For more information on the projects I am currently involved in please visit:

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